It’s in the details….


It’s in the Details……

Favourite Shoes.
Favourite Shoes.


Whilst taking photos of my son the other day, I realized something. Sometimes, it’s not the photo of the whole person that captures who they are at that moment. Sometimes, it’s the details.

These are my son’s favourite shoes and they are such a reflection of his personality.  My 13 year old is bright, confident, quirky and funny. He is his own person. He doesn’t care what other people think, he is who he is and he’s proud of it. One of his favourite bands is “The Beatles,” and when he saw these shoes, he just had to have them. They are so “him.” These shoes will wear out and his feet will grow, but he will always have his favourite shoes in a photograph.

He will look at this photo in years to come and show his own kids; “these were my favourite shoes,” and that photo will give them insight into who he was when he was thirteen. Sometimes in portraiture, capturing someone’s true personality is in the details and from now on I will be paying more attention to the details.




One reply to “It’s in the details….

  1. This is so true. Many aspects of the individual make up who they are and in years to come the memories are triggered by the images captured in those pictures.

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