Hi, My first blog post was a long “about me” blog. This is a the short version for my “about me page!

WARNING!  You will come across English spelling on this blog!

I am a portrait photographer in Denver, Colorado. I was born and raised in London, England and still have the accent to prove it.

Things I love

  • Photography
  • chocolate – but it has to be Cadbury’s and I don’t like chocolate cake!
  • watching my boys play rugby
  • the beach  and the sound of the ocean (so much so that I have a soundtrack of waves playing constantly in the background when I am working
  • Australia – my home away from home! I lived on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for 2 years and hope to someday move back
  • London – I grew up there. St Paul’s Cathedral is my favourite building
  • yoga – mostly the relaxation at the end of the class
  • reading – my favourite authors are Daniel Silva, David Baldacci and Jane Austen (I know that’s an odd combination)
  • driving without a destination and taking the road less traveled (literally, I like to just randomly drive up roads that seem to go into the middle of nowhere, especially if they are unpaved)
  • roller coasters
  • travelling to new places
  • being alone (it’s rare – having two kids and two dogs means never having to be alone, ever)
  • labrador retrievers (we have two, one of whom is a 16 week old puppy) (May 2014)
  • Thai food, Indian food and Northern Italian food (actually pretty much anything that has some kind of sauce)
  • Soggy chips (fries)
  • Chicken crisps and butter sandwiches
  • pink or purple pens (I never used to like either color, but find that the only way to stop my teenage boys using my things and losing them is to buy them in pink or purple!)
  • a good cup of tea or a strong flat white (coffee)
  • a nice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc
  • the smell of a library

Things I don’t like

  • dried fruit
  • cinnamon
  • Reality TV
  • Chocolate cake (I know it doesn’t make any sense)
  • house work
  • ironing
  • my varicose veins
  • bad grammar (when people say “very unique” I want to reach out and shake them. It’s either unique, or it’s not!

Miscellaneous facts

  • I frequently lose sunglasses which is why I will never spend more than twelve dollars on a pair
  • If I find a pair of jeans that fit I will buy them in every color variation that they have
  • I have lived on three continents (North America, Europe, Australia)
  • I have visited 6 of the 7 continents and I have no desire ti visit the 7th (Antarctica)
  • I volunteer for the Tiny Footprints Project – a group of professional photographers who donate newborn photography sessions to parents of babies in the NICU
  • I would love to learn Italian
  • I am terrified of snakes, but spiders don’t bother me

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